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The Women Impact Investing Network (WIIN) is a DC-based network that fosters collaboration, leadership, and knowledge-building opportunities in the impact investing sector for women working across a diverse spectrum of focus areas and organizations. WIIN Members represent the continuum of capital allocation and reflect a desire for continuous learning from each other in order to amplify our collective vision.

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WIIN's programming focuses on impact investing as a segment along the continuum of socially responsible investing as a way for our members to contribute to high-impact solutions. Our events are typically learning panels with an emphasis on fostering networking opportunities. WIIN events are always open to men as part of our peer network.

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Source: Bridges Ventures



"When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else." - Melinda Gates

"The “who” of impact investing has become more important than the “what.” If we’re not thinking about moving money with a racial or gender lens at this time, can we call that an impact investment?” - Kristin Hull, Nia Capital 

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